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ROYAL GIANT DECK~ Arena 7 to Arena 8 in TWO DAYS - Clash Royale Best Attack Strategy Tips pt2

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    This is my personal BEST Arena 7 Deck POST UPDATE (for 2000 - 3000 trophies)
    -no legendary cards needed-

    Minions / Skillies / Musketeer / Hog / Spear Goblin /


    This is my personal BEST Arena 7 Deck POST UPDATE (for 2000 - 3000 trophies)
    -no legendary cards needed-

    Minions / Skillies / Musketeer / Hog / Spear Goblin / Zap / Archer / Royal Giant Deck - Replays + Attack Strategy & Explanations!

    Literally a 70% win rate IN ROYAL ARENA immediately after upgrading Royal Giants to lvl 9 and changing to this deck.

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    Michael’s Base Builds - www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcS9z092_xB_PuGAYPJZgw


    DDD2 TH7-10 Attacks (2016) Playlist ~ bit.ly/DDD2-Clan-War-Recaps

    CircaSurvive TH9 Attacks (2016) ~ bit.ly/Circa-Best-Attacks-and-Highlights



    UPDATES to the TH9 GoVaHo Attack Strategy (for 2016) ~ bit.ly/town-hall-9-govaho-2016

    TH9 Attack Strategies to use for AFTER March 2016 Update: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xAujlHRVg8

    TH9 Troop Compositions for 2016 ~ bit.ly/Town-Hall-9-Troop-Compositions


    TOP 5 BEST TH8 Attack Strategies for 3-Stars in Clan War(s) www.youtube.com/watch?v=Laqqc0EUqJw

    TH8 GoHo (after March 2016 update) www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BYFBJjlsDw


    TOP 3 BEST TH7 Attack Strategies for Clan War: youtu.be/lQyQ_IZs4MA

    TH7 Base Design Tips: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0jHyN_t4dI

    TH7 Attack Strategy for 2016: www.youtube.com/watch?v=709_khFEdBM


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    Q and A (Frequently asked questions)
    How do you record videos?
    - I play on my iPad Air 2 (so any live attacks are recorded on my iPad through the Elgato HD Recorder), but I record any replays through my second account on my Note 4 (using the Android Screen Recorder + Software)

    How can I join your clan?
    -Request to join #DDD2 on Bindl with your Hero Levels, Town Hall, and Hog/Golem levels

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  • royal giant deck~ arena 7 8 two days clash royale best attack strategy tips pt2
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