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Kelly Brook’s Rigorous Workout Routine! Los Angeles

  • EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Brook was pictured being put through a rigorous exercise regime by a private trainer as she hit the beach in Los Angeles.
    The 35-year-old model/actress showed off a colourful workout bra underneath a revealing grey top that showed beachgoers her cleavage.
    She matched her outfit with tight black leggings, bright sneakers and showed off her tanned arms.
    At one point, the Piranha 3D actress stuck her tongue out and gritted her teeth as she performed a difficult leg exercise with her hands in a praying position and an exercise rope between her legs.
    With her hair tied back, she also felt her backside after a tough lunging routine while having a giggle with her trainer.
    Kelly Brook recently starred in the US sitcom One Big Happy which was produced by Ellen DeGeneres.
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